The Triangle

As many of you know, my wife watches HGTV — a lot!

Which, sadly, causes me to also watch it as I walk through the room, or sit and read a book, or whatever.

I do all the cooking in our family — don’t worry, this will have some relevance in a moment.

If any of you have ever studied anything on cooking, or building a kitchen, or pretty much doing anything inside a kitchen, you will have heard of the “triangle”.

What’s the triangle? It is the three points that make up the most used and important components of prepping a meal (or pretty much doing anything in a kitchen).

They are:

  • Refrigerator,
  • Stove,
  • Sink.

The picture above shows the triangle, where, if you are the cook, you can easily access everything that is needed to prep, cook, and then clean up after. Everything is within a step or two.

(Of course, all of what I am writing is mute if you have someone to help you and will run back and forth to the stove or sink OR if you subscribe to the “meals ready to eat” fad that is taking off across the country.)

Below is the triangle, that is more a square or pentagon.

The island stops the cook from easily getting from one component to the other.

Which leads to why I am writing this post.

So many times, on HGTV, I see the “designers” redo the kitchen and never ever address the triangle. They put a 14' island between the sink and stove. They put the refrigerator around a corner or way down at one end of the counter.

Of course, you can only do so much with what you have. If the kitchen only has two walls, you may have to put two components on one side.

But, most of the shows on HGTV have a HUGE kitchen that can easily address the triangle, but, because of wanting to have a beautiful backsplash or a brick warming oven, the triangle goes out the window to make the kitchen “pretty”.

Yes, it is pretty. But, if the owner is a cook, after the first week, they will regret not having an easy triangle to circumvent.

If they are a “chef” like you see on TV advertisements where the food is delivered and all the “chef” has to do is put it in a microwave, then the pretty kitchen is a must.

Unfortunately, the world today still has 95% of the people who cook at home, and I wish that the shows on redesigning a home would address the triangle so everyone could learn about how to be a better cook (and spend more time cooking than walking back and forth to get something).



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