The New Ghosting

Ghost — 1) where an employee who has been scheduled for a job interview or for first day of job, does not show up; 2) where an employer who has scheduled a job interview does not show up or respond to an inquiry.

Yep, we all know that ghosting.

But, I am experiencing a new ghosting that, sadly, is really going to cause damage, not only to employer’s (and their reputation), but, also to a prospective employee’s psych (especially those new to the job market).

Here is the scenerio:

I receive this, “Hi Blaine, are you interested in a VP of Communications position that just opened up here at xxx? This is xxx, the head of talent acquisition here, and would like to know your interest.”

I receive this on LinkedIn (who hasn’t?) all the time, but, now, I’m getting them on my phone. Legitimate. The person is who they say it is (you look them up on LinkedIn, Google them, and they are who they say they are). There are no links in the text. Just a simple inquiry.

So, I respond “No”. A few minutes later, I receive a “Thank you.”

Or, I respond “Yes”, and a few minutes later, I receive a “Great, when can we talk on a zoom call (or on phone, etc.)?” I send “8am tomorrow”, and the next day, I get a call from that person and we talk.

A week later, I get a text that says “Sorry, we filled the job with someone else, blah blah blah.”

Great, they at least informed me.

Let’s back up a step. I respond “Yes”. I receive a “Great, when are you available, blah blah blah?”. I respond with a day(s) and time(s).

I hear nothing back.

I write again the next day, asking “Did you get my text? I am available on blah blah blah.”

No response. (It’s easy to block a number on your mobile to not receive texts again.)

I’ve been ghosted. Yes, this has happened enough that it is legitimate ghosting (because enough do end up in calls/conversations as well as responses back when I say “No”.)

I appreciate the steps of the HR professionals now using their cell phones to communicate (over 50% of us are applying for jobs using our cell phones).

But, just like with email, or phone calls, or zoom calls, if the opportunity has ended, TELL THE APPLICANT! It takes 10 seconds to write a text saying “Sorry, maybe next time”.

This is going to get worse, as more and more youth fall into HR roles, and unfortunately, have never had to deal with conflict and rejection (either taking it or giving it). Ghosting is the easy way for them to not have to “deal with it” in regards to hiring.




Love marketing. Enjoy trance. Past-Volunteer fire fighter. Lucky enough to have traveled the world and gained experiences that I like to share.

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Blaine Phelps

Blaine Phelps

Love marketing. Enjoy trance. Past-Volunteer fire fighter. Lucky enough to have traveled the world and gained experiences that I like to share.

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