It’s Been a Year

It’s been one year since my best friend passed away.

I am grateful that she passed. She believed in America and hated how for towards socialism America had come. She knew that America was on the verge of becoming a Communist nation, with the same beliefs that the Communists and Nazi’s had when she lived under them (she was a Christian Holocaust survivor and here, in America, she did everything she could to educate the world, yes, the world, that there were 11,000,000 people killed in the holocaust, 5,000,000 of them who were NOT Jewish. No, she wasn’t anti-Semitic, she just wanted the world to know that the Nazi’s killed many others — that the religion of a person was not the only thing that drove them to kill, but hatred for anyone that wasn’t conforming to their way of thinking.)

She would have been so sad to see, how in the past year, so many liberties and freedoms, that American’s take for granted, had been taken away. That the nation was rushing towards Socialism and Facism. She never understood me when she and I would discuss history and I would state that no Democracy has ever lasted over 250 years. Once the “leaders” realized that they could vote themselves all the power and money they wanted, the people would become irrelevant. She never understood how the people would stand for that.

She was Polish, and if you are into countries and politics and are aware of what’s happening in Poland today, you would easily understand where she had this understanding. (Poland today is standing up to the EU, the WHO, and the UN in fighting for its liberty and freedoms — in other words, it is not bowing down to the globalists who are demanding that it relinquish its cultural identity and become part of the world community.)

She believed that independence and the right to pursue ones dream is what and why God put us on this earth.

She always saw through the lies of the politicians. And she hated it. She hated how Christian politicians would say “We are not for abortion” and then would vote to fund abortions — not just here in America, but the world over.

You see, I learned, from her, that when you are in a camp and you see your mother dragged away (who was sent to Ravensbruck), when you are surrounded by death and starvation, when you don’t know if you will live or die that day, you gain an insight into LIFE; that each life is precious and needs to be given every opportunity for life and to live.

She would have been so upset to see what is happening today in America. Her husband, who passed away a month after her, served in Korea. He was very different than her except in Christianity and his belief that America was the greatest nation in the world. Fighting and seeing your friends die for freedom does that to a person.

One of the last things we spoke about was her not understanding why the American people aren’t defending their God-given rights. Why were they standing back and letting America lose what made it so great — the freedom of the people. It was a frustrating conversation, as neither of us had the answers — except for one — and it always came back to a Civil War, where the people would put the constitution back in the way that made America great. But alas, I don’t think that will happen and America will fall like Rome did.

I am glad that she has passed and does not have to see this country, that she and her husband bled for, fought for, and loved dearly, quickly bleed itself out and die.

I am sad that she passed. A stone pillar of strength that gave me insights into life that I would have never known about or thought of.

I miss her. A true gift from God for her to be in my life.




Love marketing. Enjoy trance. Past-Volunteer fire fighter. Lucky enough to have traveled the world and gained experiences that I like to share.

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Blaine Phelps

Blaine Phelps

Love marketing. Enjoy trance. Past-Volunteer fire fighter. Lucky enough to have traveled the world and gained experiences that I like to share.

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