ABM or Channel Marketing or “Marketing the Way I Did It”

Was recently meeting with a potential client, and she asked me, “What is your experience with ABM?”.

My answer was simple. “Lots. Account Based Marketing is a more refined version of Channel Marketing, which is a more refined version of Target Marketing, which is a more refined version of Marketing.”

And then I asked, “Who is your target market?”

And then we went down the path of who they thought it was and how they came about analyzing it and then, how they “think we are targeting the right people” and that so far, it seems to be working.

To me, since the beginning of my marketing career (the 1980's), I have always (which I didn’t know) practiced ABM (account based marketing). Every account that we had, I sat with and planned out marketing programs specifically for them. Never knew it, but, I WAS DOING ABM!

So, back to the client. We spent the next hour going over their target market (and correcting some issues), and then we went after their channels (and spend an hour correcting some issues), and then we started looking at the accounts in each channel and what was being done.

By the end of our meeting, it was easily answered that my ABM experience was excellent and they knew what they were getting when they brought me in to consult. It was only for 40 hours, but, by the end of that week, we knew exactly who the target market, the channel market, and the account marketing that we were going to do.

Wait! What? That doesn’t make sense (if you are book read (education) and not practical (actually doing it)).

Yes it does. You can not do “ABM” if you don’t know who your target or channel market is. To many clients of mine think that you can skip that and just keep marketing with/to their accounts. Which, is partly true, but, accounts change, just like clients change, and you need to be on top of all your marketing strategies and tactics at all times.



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